04/14/15 12:02 PM

KCR’s Decision Will Incur Losses To Telangana

Telangana residents belonging to Andhra region not voting for TRS party in recent MLC elections made KCR see red. Inspite of assuring them utmost respect and concern, they did not vote for his party. The result of this is the Telangana entry tax levied on Andhra vehicles entering the state. Though people belonging To Andhra approached the court and A.P Transport minister spoke to the Governor, Telangana government did not take a back step.

Condemning the entry tax levied on AP Vehicles, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu opined that both the Telugu state people will suffer and it will be of no use to people.  Hyderabad being a united capital for Andhra and Telangana demands operation of more vehicles from A.P to Hyderabad. Once Andhra Pradesh capital is built, there will be very less number of vehicles operating between the states, said some TDP leaders. On the other hand, Telangana vehicles should always transport between the states as all the imports and exports at ports in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Orissa. Making a detailed report and calculating the revenue that could be generated at Andhra due to vehicles from Telangana will add strength to the statement. It would have made Telangana officials give a thought. But why would officials take so much pain!

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