04/14/15 11:59 AM

RGV & Nagarjuna’s ‘SHIVA’ To Be Re-Released!!

‘Siva’ movie has created sensation and remained a life turning point for the director, actors. It was a trend setter during the 90’s. The Akkineni Nagarjuna and Amala starrer directed by Ram Gopal Varma had crossed all India’s box office records during that decade. The action sequence where Nagarjuna pulls out a cycle chain, winds it around the hand and blows the villains has been a trend setter. Siva has achieved good rank in the list of 100 best Indian films selected by CNN-IBN.

Now Siva made to the headlines once again on the occasion of its re-release, 25 years after the first release of the movie. The film has been digitally restored and re-mastered, after a process which went on for more than a year. The scheduled date for second time release of Siva movie is 15th may, 2015. So the film will be breaking all box office records once again.

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