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10 Craziest Laws Around the World

10 Craziest Laws Around the World

All countries in the world have some crazy law or the other framed for their people. But a few of them are real hard even to listen. For some people, some laws may seem ridiculous while others abide to them. Laws are made based on some ancient habits or culture, which a country wants its citizens to follow even now. Listing out a few of them for you in this article. Read 10 Craziest Laws Around the World and tell us what you think about them.

Here is a list of some of the craziest laws in the world.

1) Australia – One cannot change a light bulb unless he/she is qualified electrician in Victoria

10 Craziest Laws Around the World - Australia One cannot change a light bulb

Whenever a light bulb goes out in Victoria, people have to wait till a qualified, licensed electrician comes home because it is illegal to change an electric bulb unless you are a professional. Seems like one has to do this additional degree along with whatever he opts! A fine of AU$10 (Australian Dollars) ie., around Rs.467 will have to be faced.


2) Milan – Citizens Should Smile 24X7

10 Craziest Laws Around the World - Milan-Citizens Should Smile 24X7

Milan of Italy requires all its citizens to have a smile on their face at ‘all times’ as per law, which means a person is required to smile 24X7. Hefty fine of 10 euros (Rs.700) will be levied if law is broken. You are exempted from the law only when you go to visit a patient in hospital or you attend a funeral. Great consideration! So, be careful when you visit Milan. So, if you are stony-faced, better chose a different place!


3) Saudi Arabia – Women are Not Allowed to Drive

10 Craziest Laws Around the World - Saudi Arabia-Women are Not Allowed to Drive

The one and only country where it is illegal for women to drive.. Earlier it was illegal for them to vote as well but they are now allowed to exercise the right. One of the countries with hell lot of restrictions for women.. If a woman does not take a male guardian along when she goes out in Saudi, God only should help her.


4) Philippines & Vatican – Divorce is Illegal

10 Craziest Laws Around the World - Philippines & Vatican-Divorce is Illegal

Divorce is strictly prohibited in Philippines and Vatican. These are the only two countries in the world that demand couples to stay together once they get hooked. The two countries do not provide divorce for anyone living in them. However, Muslims are an exception but only under certain circumstances. Better not choose these countries when you are not getting along really well with your married partner!

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