05/1/15 10:18 AM

10 Yr old as Jaipur Police Commissioner


10 year old Girish Sharma took charge as police commissioner of Jaipur, Rajasthan. He then carried out his duties for the day. He surprised all subordinates in a meeting that was held. Surprised how a 10 year old kid became a police commissioner? Here is the actual story…


Girish Sharma of Rajasthan is a 10 year old suffering from kidney disorder. He has been undergoing treatment since 3 months but the result was not satisfactory. The ‘Make a Wish’ foundation that got to know about the kid decided to fulfill his dream of being a cop. When they intimated the same to Jaipur police commissioner, he agreed. With the special powers that he can exercise, commissioner appointed the boy as the commissioner of Jaipur for 1 day.


Girish Sharma who has taken charge on Thursday received salutes from DCPs and ACPs. He then had a meet with some police officials in his chamber. The little police officer expressed that taking on criminals was his primary objective. Girish Sharma is presently in third standard.


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