03/2/16 10:30 AM

108 Bikes in Telangana


108 ambulances have been serving people in transporting them to hospitals during emergency. Along with the busy Hyderabad city, 108 ambulances are available in many other cities. But these vehicles are not making to hospitals on time. As a result, many are losing lives. So, the Health Department of Telangana has decided to introduce two-wheeler 108 emergency service. Initially, 50 of them will be launched in Hyderabad and some more in all other cities later. Health mission funds of Rs.70 lakhs have been allotted for the purpose. Medical kit, instruments will be made available on the two-wheeler which will be driven by the person who treats patients. Navigator facility will be available on the vehicle. Using this, the person can reach the patient easily. While the average time the present 108 ambulance takes to reach a place is 20 minutes, the new 108 bikes will reach the same destination in 10 minutes.



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