06/27/15 12:17 PM

109 Persons Jailed for Urinating in Public Place

The central railway department and all its staff members took the Swacch Bharath campaign seriously. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has firmly decided on modernization of toilets in trains. He is sketching plans to totally stop the procedure of dumping human waste from trains on to the railway tracks by 2019. The other members of Indian Railways are also thriving to maintain cleanliness in the railway coaches. How much ever they strive, they are in vain due to those persons who pass urine in public places. So the railway staff are giving up on maintaining cleanliness.


jailed urinating public place


However, the officials in Agra held their decision firmly. They conducted a cleanliness drive for about 48 hours in 12 railway stations and arrested 109 persons who were found urinating on railway tracks, walls of railway stations and other railway property. Those who were jailed were not set free immediately. They were let out only 24 hours after being arrested. Senior superintendent of police, Gopeshnath Khanna was the person who ordered his men to conduct a drive against such miscreants and penalize them for public nuisance. “The message behind such a drive is to convey people, that enough is enough. For more than six decades, our adamant social behavior has not changed. This city hosts millions of tourist every year, we just can’t be negligent and irresponsible when comes to showing etiquettes in public fora”, he said. Korada.com appreciates Gopeshnath khanna for his determination and a good initiative.




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