01/23/16 11:40 AM

110 Men had Sex with Her in 22 Hrs


Her boyfriend cheated her and trafficked her. She was made a sex slave. After facing hell for six years, she was finally able to escape. She penned a book named Bought and Sold explaining the experiences and pain that she faced.

25-year-old British woman named Megan Stephens (name changed) went to tour Greece when she was 14-year-old along with her mother. When she visited a Greek bar, she met a man named Jack (22). As time passed by, the two fell in love. Megan convinced her mother that she would stay with her boyfriend in Greece even after the trip. He promised to find her a waitress job. But after a few days, Jack forced Megan that she should work semi-naked at a dance bar in order to earn money for his mother’s treatment. As Megan refused, he thrashed her up and sold her to a human trafficker.

Explaining the threats and violence that she had to face working as a prostitute in private homes and brothels, Megan wrote the book Bought and Sold. She wrote that she was paid 20 gbp (Greek currency) for spending with men and that she was sold and bought by several people. Megan also mentioned that she was sometimes forced to have sex with 110 men in 22 hours. The traffickers threatened Megan’s mother’s life. Frightened, the woman was locked in the brutality for six years.

Megan finally managed to escape from them after six years and reached her mother in England. She then married a 25-year old man and is now pregnant. She is in the idea of establishing a charity trust to offer help to other females who suffer like her.



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