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Allari Naresh James Bond Review


Allari Naresh had no proper hit since quite long time.Did his recent film James Bond put him on his way t success? Check it in the review below.





AK Entertainments team that fetched story for Allari Naresh’s James Bond in a situation where finding story in a comedy film has become out of reach is appreciable. Nani (Allari Naresh) is a software engineer. He is a coward and his father (Chandra Mohan) is scared more than him. As Konaseema and Rayalaseema sound rhythmic, they go for an alliance in Rayalaseema. On witnessing a big fight on the day of engagement itself, Nani and his family run away from the place. Bullet (Sakshi Chowdary) is a don in Dubai, whose father (Suman) is also a mafia don. Bullet’s father moves to Dubai along with her after he has a fight with wife. Bullet’s father tells her that her mother is alive just before he dies. Thereafter, bullet gets closer to her mother, simultaneously being a don.  She tells her mother that she works for a software company. Bullet goes to Hyderabad when she gets to know that cancer attacked her mother. Nani falls in love with Bullet soon after he sees her in traditional attire. As per her mother’s wish, Bullet gets married to Nani without revealing who she is. How does Nani react when he comes to know that Bullet is a don? What does the family of the girl that he previously got engaged to do to him? Putting aside the newness of the story, the film comprising of a story itself is a plus point to James Bond Movie.

About Actors’ Performance:

Allari Naresh fits very well in a character like Nani. Sakshi Chowdary acted well as a mafia don on one side and as a traditional girl on the other. She did not hesitate to show off whatever she can. Pruthvi nailed it as a local killer. He makes audience laugh just before interval by imitating Nandamuri Balakrishna. Pruthvi’s love track during second half is also entertaining. Posani Krishna Murali’s performance as Nani’s boss was not bad. Saptagiri tried but there are no perfect scenes for his comedy. Hema as heroine’s assistant, Krishna Bhagavan as marriage broker, Jabardasth Raghu as villain’s brother-in-law did well in their own characters. Ashish Vidyarthi has not much scope as villain. Jaya Prakash as factionist and Ravi Babu as his son performed well. Tagubothu Ramesh and Ali appear suddenly and entertain audiences.

About Director & Team’s Work:

It is a tough task for a director to make audience laugh watching the film rather than making them laugh at him. Director Sai Kishore got a good script ready and he also directed it well. Though the first half of James Bond movie was slow, it started speeding from right before interval. Audiences enjoy comedy during the second half. Sai Karthik’s music is not so great. Sunkara Ram Brahmam finished his job under low budget.

In One Word:

One can enjoy laughing, watching James Bond.

Rating: 2.75/5.0



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