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12 Signs to Know if a Girl is Just Using You


It is difficult to know what girls want. It is nearly impossible to understand girls. Trying to know whether a girl is really in love with you or if she is just using you as a ‘bakara’? Taking care and observing certain small things could help guys from falling in the trap of some girls who just use boys. Let us see 12 signs that let you know if a girl is just using you.


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1.She is supposed to attend a party. She invites you to a party that when there is no one else to drop and pick her up. She leaves you when she finds other friends at a party and doesn’t event care about you. If your girlfriend does the same, she is treating you as a bodyguard and a driver rather than her lover.

2.Whenever both of you visit a restaurant, pub, shopping mall or any place, she behaves as if it is your duty to pay the bills (even if she is earning). This means that sees you more as a bank card than as a boyfriend.

3.Your missed calls do not bother her. Neither does she respond to your text messages, nor does she bother about your Facebook posts. When you ask ‘why?’, she is ready with answers like ‘I forgot about it’, ‘I were about to call you, but you did’ and ‘I’m busy’. In case you do the same thing, it is your end!

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