05/23/15 5:22 AM

2 Day Old New born Forced to Walk!


The world has been advancing rapidly but superstitious believes have always found place. Many are losing lives due to their vicious beliefs. Some are leading to the death of others. They are risking their lives. One such barbarous incident took place in Assam, where a mother risked her new born’s life. Going into detail…


The horrible incident took place in Marigaon of Assam state. An infant suffering from high temperature was taken to a witch inspite of being taken to a doctor. The lady told parents that their baby who was born 2 days ago should be made to walk in sunlight without clothes. Illiterate parents followed her suggestions and forced their new born, who has no hold of his body parts, walk in hot sun, grabbing his neck. The infant who was terrified cried out loud. Many other villagers watched as the mother did such a horrendous thing to her baby but none tried to stop her. One of them shot the scene in a mobil phone and handed it over to police, after which police immediately reacted and arrested the witch doctor. The infant was shifted to a hospital for treatment and he is now recovering. This video went viral over the internet.


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