06/25/15 5:32 AM

2 Students Commit Suicide in Anantapur



A ghastly incident in which 3 students attempted suicide and 2 died took place in Anantapur district. Three students named K. Chandrasekhar Reddy, Raja Reddy and B. Nageswar Reddy who were studying at government high school in Vengannapalli of Yadiki Mandal of the district had fallen aback in studies. The trio did not attend classes for quite some time, following which all three were warned by their parents, who were informed by school authorities. So, they decided to commit suicide. They chose an abandoned house, consumed poison and attempted suicide. Locals who observed this incident immediately shifted them to a private hospital in Bengaluru. While Raja Reddy and Nagesh gave up while undergoing treatment, the third student Chandramohan Reddy’s position is critical, said doctors.



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