04/29/15 9:55 AM

Sarika goes Half-Naked for a Film

sarika. half naked

Present day heroines are getting ready for anything if scene demands. New and upcoming actresses are not losing such chances. Whatever kind of a romantic scene it is, actresses are getting ready to roll. Glamor, exposing, bikini, lip lock, semi nude… they are committing to deliver anything and everything. Upcoming heroine Sarika recently surprised everyone by acting semi nude for the film ‘Nirayudham’.

Nirayudham movie is being directed by MB Rajadurai and produced by S Mohan under SPM Creations banner. Santhosh and Sarika are the male and female leads in the film in which debutant Venkat is the other hero. A scene in Nirayudham demands heroine to be half nude. The actress immediately agreed to it after director conveyed the matter to her. Sarika sizzled  hald naked in the film Nirayudham.

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