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24 Movie Review | Suriya | Samantha


With Suriya playing three roles, 24 movie directed by Vikram Kumar, presented by K. Gyanavel Raja and produced by Suriya hit the theatres worldwide today. Let us have a look at the review of 24.


Sivakumar (Suriya) is a scientist who tries very hard and invents a watch. Those who sport the watch can travel back in time. Athreya (Suriya) who is the twin brother of Sivakumar kills his wife to acquire the watch. Sivakumar saves his one-year-old son, hands him over to a woman on a train and dies. Along with the kid, the scientist also gives the watch in a box to the woman. But the key of the box goes missing. The woman brings the child up Sivakumar ‘s son Mani (Suriya) who grows up to be a watch mechanic. Mani finding the key of the box in which the time machine watch is secured, opening it and getting to know the greatness of the watch, Athreya waking up from coma and searching for the watch even when he is on wheelchair, Mani getting to know his past, wanting to avenge his parents ‘ death and using the same watch to do so make the remaining part of the story of 24 movie.


Vikram Kumar who chose the interesting concept of time travel has framed the story around it. Vikram who gives a fantastic opening to the film 24 amazes audiences with splendid twists every ten minutes and carries forward the interest till the end. He showed very well scenes like Mani acquiring key of the time travel watch box, the comedy he makes with the watch and many more. Though it seems like the story is slow-going, since the plans laid by hero and villain are equally amazing, audiences give away their minds to the director instead of trying to figure out what is going to happen next as it is a tough task. They get totally involved. AR Rahman ‘s music, Vikram ‘s interesting screenplay and Thiru ‘s cinematography have taken the film to a great standard.


Suriya fit in very well in all the three roles ie., hero, hero ‘s father and villain. His performance as villain is spellbinding. Ajay did well in the role of Mithra who is the follower of villain and is crucial. Samantha has not a big role as heroine. Nithya Menon also has not much role as scientist ‘s wife. Saranya who appears as hero ‘s adoption mother does well. Suriya runs the entire film on his shoulders.

However much great the film is, it also has some minus points. The director has used the concept of travelling back in time without limits. Since the same idea is used in climax as well, it did not turn out well. The pace till hero comes to know the villain is wonderful but later during climax, it is so flat. Except the love track of Suriya and Samantha during last 10 minutes, the remaining film is very good.


Fresh story, unexpected twists in screenplay

Suriya ‘s acting

Cinematography, Re-recording


Dragging of love track

Weak last 10 minutes


Keeping aside the logic of changing time back and forth, 24 is a great film to watch.

RATING – 3.75/5.0



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