02/20/16 11:30 AM

251 Smart phone Scam Exposed by Telugu Person


Many are attracted to things that are available at cheaper rates. Though many money circulation schemes are turning scams, our people trust them a lot. When someone says you get Rs.20 after investing Re.1, they get ready to loan money to strangers also. Despite regular news about frauds happening with chit funds, many are opting to cheat in the very same thing again.

Rs. 251 smart phone is one such type. Unfamiliar company whose financial status is unknown and which does not have a single demo piece.. It is known that a smart phone is not possible below Rs.3000 but people are still eager to get one for as low as Rs. 250. Media houses, news papers, TVs have all turned blind eye to the 251 smart phone and are giving heavy publicity to it. A Telugu person has exposed the scam behind this. Computer Era Editor Nallamothu Sridhar has been constantly trying to make people aware of this through his Facebook posts and interviews on TV channels and radio channels. With the efforts put in by Sridhar and some others, the government is concentrating on the 251 smart phone scam.

Not only now but also Sridhar raised his voice when Facebook tried to introduce Free Basics and harm net neutrality concept. Korada.com appreciates Sridhar on his great work for the society.



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