09/10/15 5:13 AM

27 Human Skulls Found in Engineer’s House


As many as 27 skulls were found in an Engineer’s house in Puri of Orissa, which were recovered by police. They sent all the recovered skulls to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology department. Experts who examined them said that all 27 belonged to humans.




Police recovered skulls from the house of an engineer named Manubai, who works for a company in Mumbai. He disclosed to officials that he had the skulls at his place for 9 years. When asked the reason, he said that he did so to relieve people from superstitious beliefs about ghosts etc. He also said that he had been uploading photos of them over internet and creating awareness. However, policemen did not mention where he got the skulls from. They filed a case against Manubai.



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