01/29/16 12:40 PM

3 Indians among World’s 50 Wealthiest Persons


Three Indians, Mukhesh Ambani, Azim Premji and Dilip Snghavi made it to the list of world’s 50 wealthiest persons. On the list of top 10 richest persons in the world, by Wealth-X, which is topped by Bill Gates with $87.4 billion, Reliance Industries head Mukhesh Ambani is ranked 27th with a net worth of $24.8 billion, Wipro Chairman Azim Premji is ranked 24rd with $16.5 billion net worth and Sun Pharmaceuticals founder Dilip Sanghavi occupied 44th position with assets worth $16.4 billion. Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg (31 yr old) stood in 8th position with net worth of $42.8 billion. The total net worth of 50 wealthiest in the world is $1.45 trillion, which is same as the GDP of Australia. On the list unveiled by Wealth-X, there are 29 Americans, 4 Chinese and 3 Indians. Most of them belong to the field of technology and four women also made it to the list.



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