12/7/15 5:03 PM

300 Yr Old Spanish Galleon Found

san jose galeon found

san jose galeon found


300 year old mystery has been unfolded. A Spanish galleon that was sunk 3 centuries ago has now been found. Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos declared that they have found the San Jose Galleon which is believed to contain reserves of gold, silver and many precious gems and was sunk 300 years ago by British in the Caribbean Sea. Treasure in the galleon is estimated to be worth $17 billion.

In June,1708, San Jose Galleon that was moving from Peru towards Spain to aid war against British was destroyed by the British. Nearly 600 crew members onboard were drowned in the attack. The Columbian government has been trying since many decades to find the galleon but they could not find it.  Researchers of Columbian Institute of Anthropology, National Navy discovered wreckage of the San Jose galleon and unfolded a mystery that lasted for 300 years. President Santos announced that treasure of millions of gold coins and ornaments are estimated to be present in the galleon and they will soon bring it out and display in Museum. Meanwhile, signs of controversies between countries over the treasure are evident.



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