07/6/15 11:06 AM

4 Reasons for Eenadu’s Wide Coverage of Baahubali


Eenadu has largely promoted Baahubali. Almost every day, there is an interview with Baahubali team on their channel. Entire media is discussing the reason behind Eenadu providing such wide coverage for Baahubali. If we think that the reason is Ramoji Rao’s admiration for SS Rajamouli, Eenadu never gave a coverage of this range for any of the director’s previous films. If we think that it is due to producer Sobhu Yarlagadda, that alone is not the reason. There is no scope to think that the reason is Raghavendra Rao presents the movie and he hosts Soundarya Lahari program on ETV, so there is more coverage. It is not at all right. Ramoji Rao deals with friendship and business separately. He never links one with the other. The 4 main reasons for Eenadu’s wide coverage for Baahubali are stated below.




First: Baahubali is saleable news. It comes with huge expectations. Since Baahubali is a high budget movie, people read even small news about it with great interest. So, coverage on Baahubali will only gain profits for Eenadu.

Second: Most part of Baahubali shooting took place in Ramoji Film City and Baahubali team was there for around two years. They used not only shooting floors and open areas but also hotels and guest houses to stay. Some post-production work was also done there. With all this, Rajamouli’s team might have paid bill in crores of rupees. Producers who started the movie with Rs. 80 crore budget later got ready for Rs. 200 crores. However big the producer is, it is very difficult to invest Rs. 200 crores. So, the bill charged at RFC could have been invested by Ramoji Rao as his part of investment. Suresh Babu had taken his share after the shoot of Eega in Ramanaidu studios for utilizing the facilities. The same might have happened now also. (Suresh Babu’s name was included in Eega but Ramoji’s name is not included in Baahubali, which is paving way for some doubts).

Third: If Baahubali is a hit, such movies will be made in other languages as well. In such a case, they definitely need to shoot in Ramoji film city, which increases the number of film shoots in RFC. So, Baahubali’s success is a plus point to Ramoji Film City.

Fourth: We never heard of any international film shooting in RFC. Some tamil and hindi movies are shooting there. If international shoots take place in Ramoji Film City, there will be more profits that will account to the huge investments made on that project (RFC).Baahubali could play a major role in getting international range for RFC. This could also be a reason for Eenadu promoting Baahubali very much.

These four could be the possible reasons for the wide coverage and publicity that Eenadu is giving for Baahubali.

(It is known fact that the reason behind various news websites having no contact/relation with Baahubali crew publishing several pages of news about the film is due to the existing craze among fans for Baahubali)



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