03/22/16 4:31 PM

42 Lakh Salary + Free Health Service + 50,000 Pension to Poor: KCR


Telangana government has a lot of sympathy for public. Its aim is to aid the poor. Apart from fulfilling basic amenities for poor, the Chief Minister ‘s idea is to provide them with income that allows them to live with their heads raised up. TRS leaders who are ready to give their lives to the CM ‘s word also have the same qualities. Wonder why we are mentioning this again when everyone is aware of it? The TRS government is at present taking steps to support the poorest people in Telangana. The government is going to strictly implement according to the report from committee set up for the needs of the underprivileged. At least this much introduction is necessary for such a government that is getting ready to transform lives of the poor, isn’t it?

Do you know who those poorest people are? The MLAs. True.. The salaries being paid to 119 MLAs and 40 MLCs now are extremely low and they cannot survive with the minimum pay they get! This is what the assembly amenities community opines. With this it has decided to hike their salaries by minimum (100%). It the government implements as recommended by the committee, each MLA and MLC will be paid as much as Rs.3.5 lakh per month, which means their annual salary will be Rs.42 lakhs. Apart from salary, other allowances will also be highly increased.

If the recommended process is implemented, MLAs, MLCs and their family members will be provided free health service. Since cars worth Rs.15 lakhs will not be very comfortable, they will be provided with Rs. 40 lakh worth cars. Former MLAs and MLCs will be provided pension according to slabs. If a person serves as MLA for one term, he will be given Rs.50,000 per month. If it is twice, he gets Rs.55,000, if thrice, it will be Rs.60,000. If he serves for four or more times, he will be given Rs.65,000. If the person passes away, their life partner will be given all the pension amount. If the recommendation comes into implementation, Telangana MLAs and MLCs will be the highest paid than those of any other state.

The expenditure of MLAs is high. Increment can be suggested if they depend solely on salaries. But are there any such MLAs who depend only on their salary? We can count the number on our finger tips. Will they at least suffice with the salary they get or not? This is the question now!



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