11/27/15 11:27 AM

5 Benefits of Eating Less Sugar




Sugar is part of our daily diet. To make sweets, to drink something, coffee, tea etc..we add sugar in many food and drinks we intake. Day by day, we are getting addicted to sugar but not realizing the harm caused by chemicals used in manufacture and processing of sugar. As usage of sugar increases, people will be prone to diseases. It slowly ruins our health. So, reducing intake of sugar as much as possible would be good for health, say researchers. Let us see the 5 benefits that we get by eating less sugar.

1.Resistance power will be improved with reduced sugar intake.

2.In order to lose weight and free from obesity, we should consume less sugar because it is a high calorie food (empty calories), which results in gaining weight. So, less sugar keeps us low on weight.

3.We can free ourselves from heart-burn and acidity problems. Also digestion process will improve.

4.It is better to have fresh fruit juices when one craves sweetness. It gradually lowers flushes unwanted sugar deposits from our body.

5.Skin…Eating more sugar will age our skin. If we want our skin to regain its glow, we should reduce consumption of sugar. We can witness the softness and glow within a few days after starting the process.



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