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5 Ways to Achieve Special Status for AP – Korada.com


*Saying that the finance commission has not agreed to grant special status to Andhra Pradesh is nonsense.

*Mentioning that Niti Aayog has not been recommended is immoral.

*Stating the reason that the law lacks stubbornness is the sign of evilness.

BJP can be accused in countless ways like they are shameless etc but there is no reaction to our frustration. What should be done is AP state has to achieve special status? Here are some ways for it:

1.Venkaiah should resign

Venkaiah Naidu who has been a central minister since long time and who is following Narendra Modi who has not much experience in Delhi affairs should resign from his post. That is when Modi will atleast give a slightest thought of Andhra Pradesh state and try for some solution.

But it is said that Venkaiah values his position more than people. He has not much history of sacrificing anything for the sake of public. So, we cannot expect this to happen. Except the one man show in Rajya Sabha, there are no signs of Venkaiah trying to save the state using his influence when the state division act was passed by Lok Sabha. So, this option can be ruled out.

2.Chandrababu should leave Central Government

Those who question what use it will be of should learn from KCR how they achieved separate Telangana state. When they say that they would leave central government, BJP will definitely give a thought. By making demands aspects wise, we should get at least some of them fulfilled by the center that is unable to pass major bills due to lack of majority in Rajya Sabha.

The risk here is… Modi can probably blackmail Chandrababu by ordering for probe if the CM has committed any mistakes during last two years. If he committed mistakes, Babu might be afraid.

3.Pawan Kalyan should reach out to Public

Pawan Kalyan who established Janasena party and joined hands with BJP and TDP has the responsibility to fight for special status for Andhra Pradesh. He who once encouraged people to vote, should now come forward to inspire them to fight for the cause. Giving more time to BJP is not a good idea. So, it’s high time that Pawan Kalyan reaches out to public. He should lead the movement. It would not be appreciated if he does not help AP achieve special status or any benefits now and says that he will be a full-fledged politician by 2018. A leader should lead when people are in need but not when he has time. If Pawan Kalyan fights for special status for AP, it will surely be granted.

We are not sure whether Pawan Kalyan who is presently very busy doing films will come out of it now or not.

4.MPs should resign and go for elections

The MPs of TDP and YCP should resign from their posts and go for elections again. That is when it will be clarified whether BJP will contest or stay silent. If BJP contests, it will gain nil deposits in the 20 positions. That is when the party will stop what it is doing and help the state.

However, there are very few chances that this could happen because Andhra MPs are more attached to their political business than to people and their benefits.

5.Public should bury BJP in their place

It is impossible for a terrific movement to be witnessed in Andhra Pradesh where no ultimately strong and stubborn leader exists. People of AP value their caste more than their state. In such a state, a single huge movement may not be possible but small movements can be initiated in various places within the state. For example, four young men in a village can  bury BJP and build a grave for it. It costs not more than Rs.1000. But the act will be very shameful for BJP. The party that desires to rule AP will then be afraid that it will have to face the affects of something contrary to what it thought would happen and then, special status is possible.

This job lies in the hands of public. Every individual who loves his state and every Andhrite who wishes to safeguard his land’s pride can make this possible. Will people start the movement to achieve special status, for the future of AP state and for employement of youth? Or will they pay deaf ear? We will have to wait for the answer.



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