01/7/16 12:35 PM

5 Yr Old Gives New Life to 6 People


A 5-year-old girl who was too young to die has given new life to 6 people by donating six of her organs.

Jana Sruthi (5) was studying 1st standard in Karur near Coimbatore. She met with an accident on January 2nd when she was going to school along with her mother. Sruthi was severely injured and was admitted to a private hospital for treatment. Since her position became much critical, parents shifted the girl to KMCH Medical Center in Karur on January 5th. But Jana Sruthi’s body has not been responding at all since two days. With this, doctors declared that her brain was dead.

Doctors asked the parents for donation of Sruthi’s organs since her brain was not functioning. The kind hearted parents agreed to it, after which the heart, one kidney and liver of the girl were transported to Chennai Mission hospital, Fortis Hospital and Apollo Hospital via special flight. Another kidney of the girl was sent to KMCH and her eyes were transported to local Aravind Eye Hospital. Parents of the 5-year-old said that they are very proud that though their little one is no more, she has given life to six people. KMCH Director Arun Palaniswamy mentioned that Jana Sruthi is the youngest child to donate organs so far.



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