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KCR is Following YSR: Revanth Reddy Case

20th July, 2009, Monday:

YSR was the then CM of united Andhra Pradesh. YSR was elected the CM for next consecutive time and TDP remained in opposition during the second term as well. YSR who was elected the CM for the 2nd time initiated Operation ‘Akarsha’. TRS and TDP were flustered by YSR. Leaders in the parties started fleeing from them one after the other. Operation Akarsha was held to such an extent that in order to develop his constituency, TRS top leader Harish Rao himself approached the Chief Minister.


kcr ysr1


Even in such a scenario, TDP leader TV Ramarao did not react to YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s Akarsha. That was when some students alleged that they were being sexually abused at Ramarao’s college. Police officials, after conducting searches in the leader’s college arrested him. Ramarao was remanded. Chandrababu moved heaven and earth to retain his position as MLA. Finally he met the Governor and informed him. Ramarao fell to the feet of the then Governor and pleaded him. However, Ramarao was able to make it. None knows what happened with that case later.


31st may, 2015, Sunday.

State has changed, CM had changed but opposition did not and that is none other than the Telugu Desam Party. The only difference is that earlier it was Chandrababu and now it is Errabelli. Same is the game now and then. KCR who has been trying to secure politically his success in achieving separate Telangana had started his ‘Akarsha’. He has been showing golden dreams with his word ‘Golden Telangana’. TDP has already almost been abandoned from Telangana due to TRS. TDP MLAs are in queue to join the TRS. But there is one leader who had always been an obstacle on the road of KCR.


revanth reddy


He had been criticizing KCR who is the trademark of criticism and hard hitting words. KCR waited for the right time. He sketched a plan. Unlike Ramarao’s case where loop holes were searched for, KCR caught him redhanded through CCTVs. It is highly impossible for TDP leader Revanth Reddy to escape the case. It seems that the punishment that lower court would impose on him is inevitable. Even one small case on the leader will be a bane to his political career. He would probably not get a chance to contest in upcoming elections.

KCR is an expert in routing opponents through the Sama Dana Bheda Danda process. He even surpassed YSR in the process. KCR created a fear in political leaders and media of criticizing him by shutting down ABN channel and trapping Revanth Reddy. KCR is not the first or last CM to behave this way. He is just another newer version.



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