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6 Pack Formula to Fight Corruption

anti corruption day

anti corruption day


Corruption..an issue that we got used to, an element that turned part of our daily lives. Many have come to the point where they decided corruption would never be fixed and started adjusting their lives to it. Opportunists make most of it.  Neither slogans are shouted nor necessary discussions initiated to put a check on corruption. The anti-corruption moment headed by Anna Hazare focused on Lokpal bill, demanding power to deal with corruption in public places but did not touch every inch of corruption issue. In order to end corruption, numerous amendments are required. The 6 pack formula mentioned below is essential to considerably bring down the levels of corruption in the country.

1.Severe Punishment

When people believe that severe punishment will be imposed on those who commit crime, they will not dare to do it. In our system, there is no such fear. If laws are made such that a corrupt person is dismissed from his post and all his property is seized within 6 months, corruption would come down.


As long as authority is centralized and distant from people, corruption will have no end. It is highly impossible to find and prove that a person in our state capital or national capital is corrupt, whereas, it is not so tough to do in our own city or village. For example, we see some village Sarpanch (heads) losing check power due to corruption. When the same thing happens at higher level of authority, not much or no action is taken at all.


Authority without accountability paves way for corruption. This is the major issue in our country. Officials have the freedom of blocking vehicles on road and seeking bribe but the no action is taken against these officials when an accident occurs on road. Same is the case with drug inspectors. They collect bribe from pharmacies but none takes the responsibility when a person dies due to intake of counterfeit drugs. Accountability is the solution to all such problems. Citizen’s Charter and more should be strictly implemented.


When there is secretive rule, there is corruption. It should be seen that when a penny is spent, why and how it is spent is informed to people, as per Right to Information Act.

5.Windfall Profit Taxes

Acquiring mines, gas, lands from governments at cheaper rates and making huge sums of money from are peak levels of corruption. In order to put an end to this, government should acquire three-fourths the huge profits earned by those who procure land from the government and make money on it. That is when unlawful allotments will reduce.

5.False Claims Act

This is yet another major issue in government offices. For an article purchased with Re.1, they claim Rs.5 through bills. It should be ensured that when companies sells a product or contract to government at rates higher than market prices, their licenses must be cancelled and huge penalty be levied on them. This reduces corruption to great extent.

Only of the above mentioned six points are implemented, we can see a fall in the levels of corruption. Those who fight against corruption should keep this formula in mind and fight against the evil.

Today, 9th Dec, is International Anti-Corruption Day.


Naresh Siramani



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