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6 Reasons for Rising Casteism in AP


A small dispute that stemmed between fans of Prabhas and Pawan Kalyan has now turned a fight for supremacy between the Kapu and Kshatriya communities. Release of Baahubali was celebrated as a festival in Bhimavaram by his fans. As if they are competing with this, Pawan’s fans celebrated his birthday with almost the same fascination. Issue that started between the two groups during that time has gone to such an extent that Section 144 was implemented in Bhimavaram. In order to know why and how a dispute that initiated between two fan groups turned an issue between two castes, the reasons for rising casteism are to be known.




1.Perpetuation of Caste

Love for their own caste, superiority of their caste or suppression of their caste..One of these feelings exists in almost every individual. When there is no strong platform that merges one people into the society, a person is attracted by caste, which has been substantial since many generations. Narration of how people born in their caste achieved something begins, thereby developing more love for their caste. The issue in Bhimavaram is one of this kind. Since many years, actors hailing from the Kamma or the Kapu castes have been no.1 in tollywood. Prabhas who belongs to the Kshatriya community has recently occupied this position with the epic block buster Baahubali. This directed his Kshatriya fans in Bhimavaram to celebrate release of Baahubali in such a grand manner. Pawan Kalyan’s fans who believe that powerstar is the no.1 in telugu film industry, could not tolerate seeing Prabhas’s hardcore fans in Bhimavaram publicizing their favorite star as no.1 hero of tollywood. That was the reason they celebrated Pawan Kalyan’s birthday on a very grand note on 2nd September. This is the point where the matter of ego, politics etc. have all showed impact and turned it into riot.


2.Lack of shared needs

Necessity of shared needs has significantly gone down in the present society. If there is drinking water issue, we buy mineral water can. If government school is not satisfactory, we shift to private school. If government hospital is not convenient, we go to corporate hospital. If there is electricity problem, we buy inverter. Except a few aspects like road, sanitation and law and order, there are alternatives for every need of mankind. This has avoided the idea of discussion with other people in their group to find solutions. With this, the conventional process of people of sections sitting together to discuss their problems has vanished.


3.Getting habituated to problems

Loss incurred in farming, unemployment of youth and some more issues are considered traditional problems existing since long time and hence people got habituated to them as no solution is seen. That is the reason there are no strong farmers’ unions and unemployment unions. Also there is no sign of protest against these.


4.Lack of any Fresh Revolutions

Though caste system existed in the past also in India, its effects on the society were reduced to certain extent due to some revolutions that took place. For example, impact of communist parties, atheist protests and others led to inter-caste marriages and uniting people of all castes. Diminishing of communist ideology, rise of casteism in communist parties also led to declining of such instincts in 1980 itself. The Lok Satta movement that was initiated empowerment of youth, not letting the, limit their vision to own caste but also to cooperatively work with all others. But the movement came to an end after 9 years due to political influence and the reform could bring about no social change. When revolution for separate Telangana, a strong emotional revolt plunged, people of various castes in Telangana came together to fight for the cause. When an issue other than caste seems much bigger, caste discrimination will be put aside by people. Since there is no such issue in AP, caste itself seems to be of great concern now.


5.Exploitation for political and social growth

When a person has no fresh ideas or thoughts, caste plays a major role in backing people’s support for him. Those who desire to grow politically and improve their social status start to congregate people of their caste, organize gatherings, build dormitories, monetarily support poor people in their caste etc. The concept of caste strengthened as people started utilizing caste for their political uplifting by creating castes-related disputes, raising issue of reservation for their castes. Telugu people who spread widely in 50 states of the United States are also forming organizations based on caste.


6.Inherited Enmity in villages

Suppose that there occurred a conflict between Kamma and Kapu communities in a village. Those people born in one caste the particular village will automatically envy the other. This hatred does not fade away even if a person migrates to Hyderabad; not even when he migrates to America. In the same way, controversies exist between Kamma and Kshatriya in other village, Kapu and Kshatyriya in another and so on. Discrimination between people of superior and lower castes in villages leads to people of a community believing and thinking in the same way as their entire community does. They develop a common attitude towards the other community. These turn into a common mindset at state-level. Thus enmity and issues existing at village-level influence the entire state. They could do so at national-level as well.


These 6 reasons have taken caste discrimination to extremely high levels. This most unwanted disparity is masking people’s most essential needs from being fulfilled in the society. We fear which caste starts protesting when one speaks truth out. The situation is presently as such. To question corruption, we fear people of other castes questioning back ‘have people in your cast not done it?’. Scope of evaluation of what is right and what is not for the state is vanishing. This is highly hazardous to the state. If youth do not interfere into the matter and stop caste and creed discrimination, instead of transforming to a Singapore, AP will turn into another Bihar or Uttar Pardesh for sure!



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