01/18/16 5:20 PM

62 Rich People Own Wealth as much as Poorer Half of the World


While the poor in the world are becoming much poorer, the wealthy are becoming super rich. According to reports, the wealth possessed by one per cent rich people in the world is same as that owned by fifty per cent poorer half of world’s population. This has been revealed by Oxfam Charity.

As per reports, between 2010 and 2015, the wealth possessed by poor people in the world dropped from 50 % to 41 %, despite an increase in global population of 400 million (40 crores). The wealth of 62 richest people in the world increased from $500 billion to $1.73 trillion. While 388 richest people owned as much as that possessed by half the poor in the world in 2010, 80 people possessed it in 2014. In 2015, as many as 62 richest people owned wealth as much as poorer half in the world.

While half people on this super-rich list were from America, 17 belonged to Europe and the others were from China, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Saudi Arabia, mentioned Oxfam in its reports.





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