11/26/15 11:55 AM

7 Bad Things to Know About Aamir Khan




Everything that is outwardly visible is not true. Many two-faced people exist in the society with an Aparichit hidden behind. And Aamir Khan is one among them. National media that is full of pseudo communists with contaminated hearts has bestowed him the title ‘Mr.Perfect’. But coming to reality, Aamir is a No.1 at Imperfection. What he does is entirely different from what he says. He is a great actor not only in films but also in real life. He is deceiving us all with his performance in life. Since he made insulting about our country, let us have a look at 7 incidences to get to know what kind of hypocrite Aamir Khan is.


Next Page – Aamir Khan Spent Rs.10cr on Lobbying for an award

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