12/30/15 4:37 PM

75000 Beggars are 12th Passouts


Here is shocking news about beggars in India. Inter, Degree, PG passouts are turning beggars. Census Survey 2011 revealed that there are 3.72 lakh beggars in India and 21% of them are educated. There are more than three thousand diploma holders or graduates and also some post graduates. Most of them are SSC and 12th passouts. When asked why they had to choose begging even after getting educated, they gave answers like… due to not getting a job, to run their family, no other source of income etc.

A young man named Dinesh said that he earned Rs.100 a day when he worked as a ward boy. Another beggar named Sudhir Babu is a B.Com dropout who earned Rs.150 in past. Another M.Com passout named Dasaradh is also seen begging. Census survey revealed that some of them even beg on shift basis.



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