09/7/15 5:32 AM

A 12 Year Old’s IQ is Higher Than That of Einstein


A 12-year-old London resident of Indian origin scored highest on Mensa IQ Test and set new record. Her name is Lidiya Sebastian. She was born and brought up in London. She stood the person with highest Intelligence Quotient when she attempted Mensa IQ test. Lidiya crossed the IQ levels of popular scientists like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkings and others, said management of Mensa who conducted the test.




Einstein and Hawkings scored an IQ of 160 on Mensa’s IQ test but Lidiya defeated them with the highest IQ of 162. Thus she joined the one per cent of all entrants of Mensa, an organization for people who score highest IQ scores with 98 percentile or higher. Lidiya attained highest marks in the Cattell III B exam conducted by Mensa in London. Cattell III B consists of 150 questions. Lidiya’s father Arun Sebastian is a radiologist in Colchester general hospital. He mentioned that Lidiya participated in various IQ tests online.



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