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A Few Questions for Anti-Reservation Activists

anti reservation activists

anti reservation activists


Discussions have kicked-off already around the nation over the caste based reservations in India. Korada.com hopes for as meaningful discussion over the same. This is the first article published in the same interest. We call all those reservation-activists, anti-reservation activists and  everyone else to come forward and make use of the platform.



Many people argue that caste-based reservations should be abolished and reservations are to be provided based on poverty as poor people exist in OC as well. Here are a few questions for all such people. Try to answer them honestly.

In our Telugu states…..

To people of which caste do top corporate educational institutions Sri Chaitanya, Narayana, Vikas, Gowtham, Bhashyam, Keshava Reddy, KKR Gowtham and others belong?


Who do top Engineering colleges CBIT, BVRIT, Mallareddy etc belong to?


Top corporate hospitals Apollo, Yashodha, Care, Star, Rainbow etc belong to..?


Top Contractors Mekapati, Rayapati, Kavuri, T.Subbi Ramireddy, GMR, GVK and others are from which caste?


Almost all TV channels (except one) and papers belong to people of which casete?


To which caste do top heroes, top directors, top music directors belong? Top four heroes in the film industry belong to which caste?


Who do super market, hyper markets, hotels, jewellery shops, footwear shops and grocery stores belong to?


Most essential needs like education, health, basic needs, markets, entertainment etc…99 per cent of them are in the hands of people belonging to OC. Why?

Why do 80% of students studying in government schools belong to Dalits and poor people?


Why are more number of students studying in institutions like Sri Chaitanya, Narayana OCs?


How can children studying in government schools and children studying in schools like Bhashyam, paying Rs.50,000 as fee compete?


A Brahmin man running rickshaw for livelihood became sensational news. How about the lakhs of rickshaw drivers in the country?


What is the ratio dalits and OCs in sanitation and sewage workers in municipalities and hospitals?


Discrimination is seen in domestic maids as well. SCs and BCs clean utensils and wash clothes whereas, OCs do the slightly dignified job of cooking.


This way, dalits and BCs are lagging in all fields. Discrimination based on caste definitely does prevail in our nation and caste continues to decide a person’s life.


In case you think caste-based reservations have to be called off, first make the same quality of education available for children all around the country. Provide the same education free of cost to government schools, as that what is provided to Delhi Public School or any ither corporate school. If this system is implemented, there will be no necessity of reservations. If you say that reservation is essential for the poor among OCs, try to draw 10 or 20% reservations additionally for them. But do not demand cancellation of reservations that are available to us.


NOTE: All the points mentioned in this article are ideas and opinions of writer only. Through the article, Korada.com wishes for a meaningful discussion over the same in society. Korada.com will also publish opinions of those who are against reservations. Articles that do not involve personal criticism will definitely be published

– Editor.



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