06/27/15 7:09 AM

A Flying Saucer in India?



Flying saucers are often noticed in Hollywood films. But did anyone get to see one really?… There are no proofs to say yes. Recently, a young man in Kanpur said that he had witnessed a flying saucer in the sky and also clicked a photograph of it using his smart phone. The boy said that while he was capturing images of clouds in the sky from his house terrace in Shyam Nagar, he suddenly witnessed a flying saucer passing by and immediately clicked some pictures of it. The incident that took place on Wednesday came into light lately. Scientists are unable to evaluate what the structure that is in the form of a flying saucer actually is. So, it was named ‘unidentified flying object’ and are researching more on it. As the photos were posted on internet, they have gone viral.



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