09/10/15 10:59 AM

A Husband Bit & Swallowed His Wife’s Nose

husband bit wife's nose

An angry husband bit his wife’s nose and swallowed it right away. This strange incident took place in Dezhou of China. Why did he do so? What did the wife do?…


husband bit wife's nose


The wife was on night duty on 6th of this month. Her husband called her a number of times at around 2:00 AM but she did not answer the phone calls. This made the husband extremely angry. He went straight to his office and yelled at the woman. That was when he bit her nose. He swallowed it and smacked her to a wall. The husband then absconded from the place. The woman’s colleagues then admitted her to a hospital where doctors who checked her nose said that it was badly damaged and needs to be operated. They told that her nose could be back to normal in 3 months period. The victim said that her husband makes calls and harasses her though she parted from him.



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