08/10/15 4:59 AM

A Village of Widows..Madapalli in Tamil Nadu


This is the tragic story of Madapalli that is 120 km away from Vellore of Tamil Nadu in which only widows reside. This is why Madapalli is called a village of widows. Due to easy availability of illicit liquor in the village, men got addicted to it, dying untimely deaths. For every 50 families residing in Madapalli, there are around 25 to 30 widows, mentioned an official. There are no exact statistics but approximately 200 widows reside in the village, he said.




The official said that widows appearing before eyes soon after entering Madapalli village is common. Though police have eradicated illegal liquor, toddy is available in the village. Youth are getting used to consumption of alcohol due to this. While some die in middle age, youth are also going in the same path. The poor women who lost husbands are striving very hard to earn livelihood for their children and families, says media.



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