01/20/16 5:16 PM

Aamir Khan Ready to Work with Sunny Leone


Bollywood star Aamir Khan said that he would be happy to work with former pornstar Sunny Leone. Sunny who recently gave an interview to CNN IBN gracefully faced all the intriguing questions put forward by interviewer Bhupender Chaubey. He poked Sunny about her past when she acted in adult films and criticized her. Bhupender received backlash on Twitter and all social media sites for being unfair and judgemental. The interviewer, at a point of time, asked Sunny if she would like to act opposite Aamir Khan. When she said ‘yes’, Bhupender asked her if a top star like Aamir woulod prefer to work with her. Sunny Leone’s answer was a ‘no’. Also Bhupender Chaubey put forward more annoying questions to which the actress replied sportively. When the matter went to the notice of Aamir Khan, he tweeted to Sunny that he would love to work with her, irrespective of her past, which came as a blow to Bhupender Chaubey. Here is the tweet made by Aamir this morning.



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