06/6/15 11:44 AM

Aarthi Aggarwal’s Career was Affected by Obesity



Aarthi Aggarwal who passed away today in New Jersey was one of the top actresses of tollywood. She acted opposite star heroes like Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh. While her career was on a success ride, she fell in love with a co-star. Since the relationship failed, Aarthi Aggarwal attempted suicide, after which chances for her as an actress fell eventually. She later got married to an NRI named Ujwal but the couple got divorced within two years after marriage due to differences between them.

Aarthi Aggarwal started movie trials soon after parting from her husband but in vain as she got no offers due to her obesity. The actress continued trials after getting liposuction suregery done but there was still no positive response, which led her into depression. Thus she decided to get the liposuction done for the second time, which failed and killed her.



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