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Abdul Kalam-One in 127 Crore People


APJ Abdul Kalam is not 1 in a thousand or 1 in a crore. He is 1 in 127 crore people. With his endless efforts and great attitude, Kalam became the one and only One of the nation. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was born in a very small village named Rameswaram located in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. He achieved so much that nothing much is left over. Kalam who came from a poor background later gave his contribution to fields of defense and space research and became popular as the ‘Missile Man’. Bharat Ratna would be an apt title for Kalam. The pillars for Abdul Kalam’s great character were established during his childhood itself. Though Kalam’s parents are not well to do, they were broad-minded. Abdul Kalam’s father Jainulabdin was a boat owner and mother was Ashiamma, a home-maker. Kalam during his childhood observed the way his parents behaved in various situations. He related the same to his own life and implemented what he learnt from them. Let us consider an incident that took place during Kalam’s childhood at his home and see what he learnt from it.




One day, Abdul Kalam’s mother was very tired due to excess work. She finished preparing supper for the night and called Kalam and his father. When the two sat down for dinner, Kalam noticed extremely burnt roti in his father’s plate and waited to see what he would say to his mother. To Kalam’s surprise, his father consumed the rotis without uttering a word and went away. After sometime, Kalam’s mother apologized to his father for the burnt rotis, to which his father replied “I like burnt rotis very much…” with utmost love and care. Kalam after sometime asked his father “Do you really love burnt rotis?” to which his father patted him and replied “You mother had a long day and she is tired. Nothing would happen if one eats burnt rotis but harsh words will hurt the other person. I do not want to hurt your mother. Everyone will commit mistakes in some situation. It is not right to take all those into account and criticize a person”.

The lesson that Kalam learnt from his father was…

“To Accept Each Other’s Faults & Choose To Celebrate Relationships”.

Life Is Too Short To Wake Up With Regrets! Love the people who treat you right & have compassion for the ones who don’t.



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