07/29/15 12:09 PM

Abdul Kalam Will Definitely Feel Proud of This..




This photograph is for those who say that India lacks discipline and Indians hate queues. Have a look at how people queued up in a row. Nobody asked them to do so. Neither were barricades arranged nor were hundreds of police given the job of controlling them. It was only out of the admiration they have for their beloved leader that made them do so. Wondering what the queue is for? It is to pay tributes to the Missile Man and People’s President who took his last breath yesterday. All these people sitting orderly had come from in and around Rameswaram and were waiting for the arrival of mortal remains of the most elegant personality. Abdul Kalam might definitely have had a smile on his face, feeling proud looking at the utmost discipline of his people. Maintaining discipline everywhere and everyday will be our real tribute to the great personality.



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