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Baahubali Part-3 without Prabhas?




Rajamouli earlier mentioned on social media that Baahubali-3 follows Baahubali and Baahubali part-2. Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad revealed in an interview he gave to a Tamil magazine that Baahubali part-3 will materialize but there is no role of Prabhas in it. Considering both these statements… it is impossible to make Baahubali-3 without Prabhas because the name and fame earned by Baahubali brand and Prabhas are equally great. It is impossible to imagine a hero other than Prabhas in the role. Also, Rajamouli would not dare to make a Baahubali sequel without his ‘Darling’. Rajamouli is clever enough to not waste another 3 years after a lot of physical and mental work for 5 years for Baahubali The Beginning and Baahubali part-2. But now, since Vijayendra Prasad himself has said that Baahubali-3 will materialize, there is confusion in Tollywood fans.

Korada.com has known the facts behind these statements from reliable sources very close to SS.Rajamouli. Baahubali-3 will surely exist but it is not a film. Baahubali part-3 is the serial being planned after release of Baahubali part-2 by Arka Media. Vijayendra Prasad has written script for Baahubali. Rajamouli is directing the script partially in Baahubali the Beginning and Baahubali pat-2. Post the tremendous hit of Baahubali, one of the producers, Shobu Yarlagadda has got the idea of showing the entire script written by Vijayendra Prasad in a serial. Since they all liked the idea, Baahubali-3 is on the cards. So, Vijayendra Prasad is dealing with the script work for scenes in Baahubali-3 apart from those he writes for other films. However, Rajamouli would not direct the serial. He will only be supervising the manner it comes out. Arka Media has already the experience of making serials. With this, it seems that Baahubali-3 will definitely entertain Telugu audiences in future. So, this is what Baahubali-3 is all about.

Doubt might arise in your mind after reading all this. ‘Why can’t Rajamouli say all this clearly? Why should he make us all wait?’..these questions would probably be bothering you. There is no big reason for it. Rajamouli just wants to make media and Tollywood anxious. One fine day, he will reveal it himself.



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