08/12/15 11:49 AM

Cash For Vote: ACB Notices to Nara Lokesh’s Driver

Nara-LOKESH_driver_cas for vote

Nara-LOKESH_driver_cas for vote


TDP Workers’ Welfare Fund Treasurer Nara Lokesh’s driver Kondala Reddy was issued notices by Telangana ACB under Section 160, asking him to attend investigation tomorrow. ACB suspects Kondala Reddy’s hand in distribution of money in cash-for-vote case and hence issued notices to him. It is known that ACB officials have already investigated several politicians and others regarding cash-for-vote scam. TDP MLA Revanth Reddy, TDP MLC candidate Vem Narender Reddy, MLA Sandra Venkata Veeraiah, Krishna Keerthan etc were already questioned by Telangana ACB officials. MLA Revanth Reddy served prison for 1 month and is currently out on bail linked with conditions.



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