06/12/15 10:09 AM

ACB Speeds up Cash For Vote Case Investigation

Revanth-Reddy-caught-by-ACB (1)


The ACB has speeded up cash-for-vote case investigation. It has sent clues obtained in the case to forensic lab for examination. Audio and video tapes, two mobile phones, cameras and CPUs seized in Revanth Reddy’s house were sent to forensic lab. After the clues are tested, the ACB officials will submit respective reports to the court in two days. Sending audio tapes to forensic lab has gained importance as it decides whether the voice belongs to CM Chandrababu or not. The ACB has requested court to grant permission to record statement of nominated MLA Stephenson in the matter. Stephenson’s statement that will be recorded under section 164 will be the most crucial evidence in the case.



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