06/30/15 10:32 AM

ACB to Challenge Revanth Reddy Bail in Supreme Court



The Telangana ACB has decided to challenge cash-for-vote accused Revanth Reddy’s bail petition in Supreme Court. Additional Government Pleader Arun Kumar said that petition will be filed in Supreme Court Within two days after Revanth Reddy receives his bail order from High Court. He mentioned that the case does not deal with persons and it involves a scam that could wither a government. The Boss in cash-for-vote is yet to be determined, he said. Also he said that where the money that was offered to Stephenson came from has not yet been determined. The pleader said that HC judge had not taken  these into consideration. That is the reason it has been decided that the Supreme Court should be approached, said Arun Kumar. He reminded that when High Court granted bail in Satyam Scam case,  the Supreme Court cancelled it.



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