06/13/15 6:17 AM

ACB Traces Signal Tower Location: Chandrababu’s Street



The Telangana ACB seems to have acquired crucial evidence in cash-for-vote case. The signals for A1 accused Revanth Reddy’s conversations with ‘boss’ and ‘boss’s’ conversation with nominated MLA Stephenson are traced to have been emitted from the same tower, found ACB in its inquiry. The tower from which signals were emitted is observed to be located in Jubilee Hills, Road No.24. CM Chandrababu Naidu has been residing in Road no. 24 of Jubilee Hills since a few days due to reconstruction work of his own house.ACB has fetched proofs to show that Chandrababu conversed with Stephenson. Thus ACB has acquired some cruicial evidence to rope Chandrababu Naidu in cash-for-vote case. ACB would evidently be dealing the case more roughly in the coming days.



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