12/31/15 11:39 AM

Acid test for Ram | Nenu Sailaja


Energetic star Ram’s romantic entertainer Nenu Sailaja is hitting the screens on 1st January. Though the makers are not promoting Nenu Sailaja aggressively, the film is riding on considerable expectations – thanks to its intriguing trailer. After a career high like Kandireega, Ram had no doubt suffered a stumbling block of nearly four years and five releases and this New Year is going to be a litmus test for the actor.

It is known that the industry labels anyone a jinxed actor if you have a spate of flops to your credit. With the stakes running high on Nenu Sailaja, Ram is under huge pressure and has to get it right this time. Hence, the actor has been appealing the audiences not to watch the film with over expectations and reiterating that the subject is not universal.

Will Nenu Sailaja change Ram’s fortunes and the help the actor walk away with accolades? Only time has the answer! Let us watch Nenu Sailaja in theatres tomorrow and decide.



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