10/29/15 12:12 PM

Actor Arrested for Clicking Selfies with Female Fans

kassar arrested

kassar arrested


A popular actor, TV star has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for clicking selfies with female fans in a shopping mall. Going into detail…

A Saudi actor named Abdul Aziz al-Kassar was surrounded by fans who were excited to meet and click pictures with the star when he entered a mall. The reason for the disturbance was his social media post. Kassar who wanted to visit a shopping mall in Riyadh when he went on work visit, posted on social media asking followers to suggest the best mall to visit in the place. Many female fans tried to click selfies with Kassar. Since he was responsible for public disturbance, the actor has been arrested by religious police. “I did not expect to find so many people waiting for me. I want to clarify that the presence of young women at the mall was not something under my control. When I stepped in, several fans came over and surrounded me until someone came over and pulled me aside into a room that I learned was reserved for the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice inside the mall. I understood that the man who pulled me was a member of the commission and I did not resist him out of my respect for the Commission,” said Kassar. The actor has been released on bail.



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