02/27/16 1:06 PM

Actor Turns Singer


Kannada TV star turned film actor Harish Raj is turning singer. Harish sang the song Dinavu for the upcoming Kannada film Shri Satyanarayana. It is known that Kannada superstar Puneet Rajkumar has recently sung a song for his film. “The song comes at a point in the film when my character gets a lot of money, so, to him, every day feels like Sunday. When I was planning it with music director Taja Ronnie, I told him that I wanted it to have a feel like Shaggy’s Mr Bombastic. I sang parts of it to explain it to him, which is when he suggested that I should sing it. Though that was always on my mind, I didn’t want to force the idea on him. So I said that I would sing it, but that we would not use my voice if it didn’t sound good. But everyone appreciated the song and could not guess that it was not a professional singer rendering it,” said the actor.



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