10/19/15 11:01 AM

After Flipkart, Snapdeal Robbed of Rs.9 Lakh



E-commerce websites are receiving blows one after the other. A few days ago, it was Flipkart and now, it is Snapdeal. Online shopping site Snapdeal was robbed of Rs.9 lakh using same tactics. Even before we forgot the incident in which a Hyderabadi youth committed fraud of Rs.20 lakhs against Flipkart, three youth belonging to Godavarikhani of Karimanagar swindled Snapdeal and robbed Rs.9 lakh.

Con artists are taking advantage of the offers being provided to customers by online shopping portals. If a customer is not satisfied with the product he received or in case of damage of product, he can return it and with no further questioning, he is refunded the amount he paid to buy the product. Three youth who totally understood the point took advantage of it to make money illicitly. Ordering expensive products on Snapdeal, replacing original products with damaged products and returning them. Snapdeal which did not realize the fraud initially gave their money back on receiving damaged product, as the youth complained. The three men thus robbed 63 valuable items from the e-commerce site and the items amount to Rs.9 lakhs.

Finally, a Snapdeal agent felt something fishy as complaints for return were made mostly from Godavarikhani and all those transactions were carried out only from two accounts. When tried to find out what was wrong, they were totally shocked and immediately handed the three youth to police. Mahesh (20), a Pharmacy student, Ramakant (21), a Degree student and Bandi Yada Swami (28), a salesman were taken into custody by police, who seized 2 laptops, mobile phones, expensive items and Rs.4 lakhs cash from them.



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