06/16/15 7:26 AM

Agriculturist KCR’s Ginger Cultivation

kcr ginger


How much ever busy CM KCR is, he is finding time to spend in his farm house. The CM is now concentrating on agriculture after quite some time. KCR earlier successfully cultivated capsicum in green house. He recently started cultivation of ginger. He got 80 acres of land sowed for it. The CM has good quality ginger seeds brought from Raichur of Karnataka to serve the purpose. As rainfall is also adequate, the seeds got ready for plantation. After finishing his Nalgonda tour on Friday, KCR directly visited his agricultural fields. The CM on Saturday morning observed the land where ginger is ready to be cultivated and spoke to agricultural scientists regarding the matter. Arrangements were made to supply water to plants through Drip Irrigation method. Upon obtaining satisfactory results, agriculturist KCR is planning to encourage farmers in Telangana to follow the same procedure.



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