10/1/15 2:34 PM

Air Hostess Caught with Passenger in Plane Toilet


An air hostess shocked everyone by turning plane toilets into her prostitution houses. She strongly asked for duty on long-distance flights for the convenience of her business. She then earned huge sums after attracting passengers. This air hostess earned nearly Rs.6 crore through prostitution during last two years, said officials. She travelled in flights going from Gulf to America. She charged 1500 pounds per trip. She was dismissed after she was caught having sex with a passenger on a plane earlier this week.




A newspaper Sukhani published that this is not the first case of sex on a plane and it is common among pilots and air hostesses. Pilots pay air hostesses around 200 to 300 pounds for 90 minutes they spend with them. However, aviation officials said that this is the first case of an air hostess being caught with a passenger on plane. Air hostesses in Japan are adopting prostitution due to the low salaries that they are paid.



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