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AKHIL Movie Review-ECG | Akhil | VV Vinayak | Nithin

AKHIL MOVIE REVIEW | Akhil Movie Review and ECG Graph | Akkineni Akhil Movie Review | Akhil Movie Review and Rating | Akhil Review | Akhil The Power Of Jua

AKHIL MOVIE REVIEW | Akhil Movie Review and ECG Graph | Akkineni Akhil Movie Review | Akhil Movie Review and Rating | Akhil Review | Akhil The Power Of Jua


Akkineni Nagarjuna took utmost care to introduce Akhil as a mass hero. Both Akhil  and Nagarjuna worked hard for the success of AKHIL. Did the movie impress audiences? Let us check the review below.



Some saints build a protection layer to safeguard earth that could possibly be destroyed by rising temperatures due to sun’s impact. They establish it in a region close to equator and give tribes in the region the responsibility of protecting the layer.  Those people keep guarding the layer under the name Jua. A Russian named Kathrochi plans to steal it to become a supreme power. Akhil is an orphan in Hyderabad and unexpectedly arrives at Europe to win his love. In the attempt to save his girlfriend who is kidnapped by villain’s gang, Akhil visits Africa. Coming to know about the protection layer and saving it from villain makes remaining part of the story of AKHIL.



When a hero is casually visiting Africa from Hyderabad, it should be shown interestingly. When a hero is visiting Africa for a cause, story should turn even more interesting.  This is what is missing in AKHIL. A hard-working hero, nice songs, an average story, a well-spending producer, many artists..Only if the screeplay is good, AKHIL movie would have been excellent. By adding unnecessary commercial elements in the film in the name of formula and that mass audience will not like if they are not present, director VV Vinayak weakened the film. If money spent on songs is spent for graphics and scripted is worked on for an additional month, the result would have been different. There are good songs, dances, fights and a little comedy. These are regularly seen in films. But the film does not involve audiences totally into it.


Akhil worked hard. He worked hard in dances and fights. Bad luck is that audiences do not connect well to him since Akhil’s role has not much scope for action. Akhil’s voice is great. Heroine Sayesha has got no great character to be remembered. Performances of Rajendra Prasad, Jayaprakash Reddy, Vennela Kishore and Brahmanandam are fine. Nagarjuna’s cameo is striking. Villains just faded. While one villain is shown as a bakara, main villain is shown much weaker. African villain is shown well. Nithin did cent per cent as a producer. Production values are very good. Kona Venkat’s dialogues are nice. Music by Anup Rubens, Thaman and re-recording by Manisharma are great. Amol Rathod’s cinematography is pleasing. Editor Gautham Raju trimmed the film well. VV Vinayak who brought wonderful output out of all technicians failed in screenplay and direction, which is his part.


Finally, AKHIL is a one-time watch for Akhil’s dances.


ECG Review Report of AKHIL




RATING – 2.75/5.0


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