11/9/15 11:20 AM

AKHIL Released Already

Entire Tollywood is very curious about the debut of Akhil Akkineni and film fraternity that is close to Akkineni family is hoping that Akhil strikes big with his debut film AkHIL. We know that the people in industry do follow certain sentiments. It is learnt that Akkineni family was informed that Diwali is not the right date for release of Akhil’s debut film and there were second thoughts over it. But as Cinema is a business, they can not leave the opportunity.
As a solution for this, the makers of AKHIL organized a special show where two reels of the film was played on last Friday. Akhil’s aunt Naga Susheela brought a ticket for Rs 1,000.  The show started exactly at 10.45 am. Unit of Akhil is really very tensed about result of the film. Akhil also revealed the same in many interviews he gave. The promotions of AKHIL are on full swing. The film unit is waiting for Diwali to know the result of their project.

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